Hiding In Freedom

Director:  Kristin Joey Holt

Screenwriter:  Kristin Joey Holt

Genre:  Surreal Drama

The film starts in the 1960s and the story of a broken country star who leaves her long time husband after a traumatic event, seeking solace in the desert. As she hides from the public lost in grief, she reaches out to her forbidden true love, steering her onto a chaotic road before finding her new beginning. 

All Original Music and Score. Fantastic acting and singing performance by newcomer Margaret Belton.


Caly's Edge

Showrunner::  Kristin Joey Holt 

Screenwriter:  Kristin Joey Holt

Genre:  Psychological Thriller

LOGLINE: When Caly, a young woman with an inexplicable past, begins to dig into her forgotten childhood, she leads herself and those around her down a dark and dangerous path … a lifetime in the making.

SYNOPSIS: 1967, during the Vietnam War, an elite part of the US Government took over a small, quiet town hidden high up in the mountains. They aimed to change the world. Twenty-three years later, off the side of a lonely highway, a bruised and beaten girl named Caly is taken in by Joshua Briggs, and they build a life together. Tormented by a mysterious murder and cryptic visions, Caly searches for answers amidst inexplicable chaos. This surreal, psychological thriller takes Caly through twists and turns, tearing away at her to expose her raw, dark past and an even darker present.


Directors:  Kristin Joey Holt

Screenwriter: Kristin Joey Holt

Genre:  Psychological Thriller

After a devastating assault, Emily Carter struggles to put her life back together while hyper-realistic hallucinations haunt her every move. Seeing her distress, her husband, Sam, decides to take matters into his own hands by whisking her away to their serene family cabin in the mountains. While far removed from civilization, the line between reality and fantasy becomes even more gray, thrusting her headfirst into a living nightmare where her attacker is trying to make contact with her. Despite his loving attempts to support and comfort her, the crippling fear and psychological bruises continue to drive a wedge between Emily and Sam. When her attacker finally confronts her, it pushes Emily to question who makes her feel unsafe and whether or not she has the power and courage to do something about it. Flooded with bad memories of her childhood and the crumbling relationship with her massively depressed sister, Emily falls deeper and deeper into madness that only she has the power to rise above.

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